Safety Training for Common Research Activities



Safety Class

Do you need to drive university vehicles?

Do you need to drive university golf carts or other low-speed utility carts?

Do you handle hazardous chemicals or other hazardous materials in your work area (non-laboratory)?

Do you work in a laboratory with hazardous chemicals or other hazardous materials?


Do you generate wastes that contain hazardous chemicals, biohazards, tissues, body fluids, infectious agents or radioactive material?

Hazardous Waste Management (Instructor-led)

Do you work with recombinant or synthetic DNA, infectious materials, infectious animals, human clinical samples, human blood, body fluids or tissues?

Do you work with radioactive sources or samples containing radioactive material?

Fundamentals of Radiation Safety (Online)

Do you work with x-ray machines or other devices that generate x-rays?

Analytical X-Ray Safety (Online)

Contact the Radiation Safety Officer / RSC

Do you operate Class 3B or Class 4 lasers?

Fundamentals of Laser Safety (Online)

Do you conduct field research?

Field Research Safety (Online)

Do you work with live animals?

Animal Worker Safety (Instructor-led)

Contact the IACUC

Do you need to wear a tight-fitting respirator (full-face, half-face, N-95)?

Respirator Protection Training & Fit Testing (Online)

Do you apply or work in areas where pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are applied (farms, agricultural fields or greenhouses)?


Are you a shop supervisor or shop monitor in a shared academic or research shop?

List above is not a complete list of safety training.  Required training will vary depending on worker's specific work duties and job functions.  For most people, multiple safety training classes will be required.  See Class Descriptions for a complete list of safety training offered.